M1の西田君、木原君、碓井君がOECC 2007 student workshopで発表します

西田君、木原君、碓井君がOECC 2007 student workshopで発表します。


Name: Taku Kihara
Title of presentation: “New Parallel Shortest Path Searching Algorithm
based on Reconfigurable Processor and Implementation on OSPF router”
keywords: OSPF, Shortest path routing , pallarel path search
Recently OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) is widely used on a large-scale
network. In OSPF, Dijkstra’s algorithm is used for shortest path routing.
In today’s network, shortest path routing is becomes more and more complex
because of increasing network scale. However, Dijkstra’s algorithm is
unsuitable for these complex calculations because of its sequential process.
Then, resolving this problem, I propose parallel shortest path search
algorithm that uses Dynamic reconfigurable processor DAPDNA2. Proposed
algorithm greatly shortens the computing time and reduce CPU load in a
simulation.Moreover, I introduce the new OSPF router which adopted our proposed
algorithm using DAPDNA2.

Name : Ryota Usui
Title : The Distributed Data Access Schemes in λ Grid Networks
Keyword : lambda grid, parallel downloading, WDM
In the lambda grid system, to distribute the load, replica files are stored many servers.
Parallel downloading is promising to decrease downloading time and
distribute load to many servers. However, parallel downloading triggers
many bottleneck links in the network, since many links are used in
simultaneity. Therefore the blocking probability of new lightpath set up
becomes high. Then we propose a server selection method for parallel
downloading in WDM network which considers the wavelength availabilities
of each links to decrease bottleneck links. The proposed scheme can
select optimal servers and reduce the blocking probability by
considering both wavelength availability for each link and original

Name:Masahiro Nishida
Title : Fast Unreserved Resource Information Advertising Method
Keyword : Traffic Engineering ,GMPLS, RSVP-TE
Abstract :
In GMPLS the route is explicit, because it can decide route with the source edge rooter.
GMPLS becomes possible to correspond to the change of the resource .
Resource information is spread by OSPF-TE. With OSPF-TE it becomes
necessary to transmit many update packets to correspond to a frequent
change. By the proposed method, edge router transmits lumping together
the unreserved resource information of route at the time of the route
establishment and release of RSVP-TE. It becomes possible to inform
about the unreserved resource the edge router in high speed, and to
decrease the amount of the update packet.


山中研究室は,2007年7月20n日に,慶應義塾大学三田キャンパスで開催される <a href = “https://event.crp.keio.ac.jp/200707/entry.html”>慶應義塾大学・NTT共催シンポジウム 「ユビキタス先導」 ~産学連携の未来~</a>に,「バックボーンネットワークにおける経路計算技術の研究」と題したブースを出展します.ブースでは,DAPDNA-2による経路計算エンジンのデモを行います。今回はPCEの高度化の面から行った研究の成果を発表します。



Title:”Prefetching Protocol Proxy with Optimal Mirror Selection and
Burst Transmission”
Authors: Tomohiro TSUJI, Junichiro HONMA, Sho SHIMIZU, Yutaka ARAKAWA, and Naoaki YAMANAKA
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new accelerated download mechanism for huge data such
as rich contents that can reduce the download time by about seventypercent as compared with the conventional manual operation.

Session Title: Optical Network Design
Session Time: 11:00-12:30
Room: A
Program No.: 13A2-5
Presentation Day: Fri., July 13
Presentation Time: 12:00-12:15

Title:”SubFrame-Based Slot Reservation Scheme for Minimizing Transmission Delay in Optical Slot Switching Network”
Authors: Fumiko Uehara, Teruo Kasahara, Masahiro Hayashitani, Daisuke Ishii, Yutaka Arakawa, Satoru Okamoto, and Naoaki Yamanaka
Abstract: We propose SubFrame-based slot reservation scheme for minimizing the transmission delay in optical slot switching (OSS) network. The computer simulation shows that our proposed scheme can reduce the transmission delay
about 25% by using SubFrames.

Session Title: Optical Packet Switching
Session Time: 14:00-15:30
Room: A
Program No.: 13A3-4
Presentation Day: Fri., July 13
Presentation Time: 14:45-15:00