title:Reducing Network Power Consumption Using Dynamic Link Metric Method and Power Off Links
authors:Zhou Jia,Gao Shan,Aya Tsurusaki,Naoaki Yamanaka
abstract:According to several studies, the network power consumption is up to 10% of the worldwide energy consumption. To reduce the network power comsumption, we propose a novel approach to address the problem. The proposed approach dynamically modifies the weights of links and makes traffic aggregated to certain links and sets some links which load no traffic Power-Off. We did some network simulations, and our results indicate it gets good effect on reducing the network power consumption.

石井先生のGMPLSによって制御された次世代レイヤ2ネットワークに関する論文 と,M1の芦沢君のPLZT高速光スイッチを利用した光アクセスネットワークに関する論文が国際会議ECOC2009に採録されました。



title:TCP Friendly Active Optical Access Network Having Automatic Ranging and Slot Allocation Function
authors:Kunitaka Ashizawa, Kazumasa Tokuhashi, Daisuke Ishii, Yutaka Arakawa, Naoaki Yamanaka
abstract:A new optical access network using high-speed PLZT optical switch is presented. The access network, having automatic ranging and slot allocation fuction, can guarantee TCP throughput designing with frame cycle, slot size and guard time.

title:Experiment of Transport and Control Protocols in Control-plane Integrated Next Generation Wide Area Layer2 Network
authors:Daisuke Ishii, Kou Kikuta, Satoru Okamoto, Naoaki Yamanaka
abstract:This paper presents experimental results of GMPLS controlled Next Generation Layer2 (NGL2) networks. By experiment, it is confirmed that NGL2 paths can be established dynamically and correctly by the extended GMPLS for NGL2.