M2の芦沢君のシングルキャスト/マルチキャスト型アクティブ光アクセスネットワークに関する論文が国際会議 HPSR2010に採録されました



Title: Efficient Singlecast / Multicast Method For Active Optical Access Network Using PLZT High-speed Optical Switches
Authors: Kunitaka Ashizawa, Kazumasa Tokuhashi, Daisuke Ishii, Satoru Okamoto, Naoaki Yamanaka and Eiji Okiz

Abstract: We propose a new efficient singlecast / multicast method for active optical access network using PLZT 10 nsec high-speed optical switches. The Active Optical Network, called ActiON, has been proposed using slot type switched optical network. Compared with Passive Optical Network (PON), ActiON can quadruplicate the number of subscribers (128 users) per OLT and double the maximum transmission distance (40 km) between OLT and ONUs. However, ActiON uses slot based switching method, so it is difficult to realize the multicast delivery. In this paper, we propose the efficient singlecast / multicast method for ActiON by using PLZT optical switch elements which are controlled as ”distribution mode” like an optical splitter by applying mid-control voltage. In addition, a new efficient multicast slot allocation method is proposed and formulated as a linear programming problem. This formula develops the maximum number of users which is able to be connected by multicast and the minimum number of slots is used for multicast users.