タイトル: “Hardware Based Scalable Path Computation Engine for Multilayer Traffic Engineering in GMPLS networks”
著者: Sho Shimizu, Taku Kihara, Yutaka Arakawa, Naoaki Yamanaka, and Kosuke Shiba
要旨: A parallel data-flow hardware based path computation engine that makes multilayer traffic engineering more scalable is proposed. The engine achieves 100 times faster than conventional path computation scheme.



タイトル: “P2P HD Contents Transport Network based on PLZT High-Speed Optical Slot Switching (OSS)”
著者: Teruo Kasahara, Kazumasa Tokuhashi, Kou Kikuta, Daisuke Ishii, Yutaka Arakawa, Satoru Okamoto and Naoaki Yamanaka
要旨: We design and implement a new HD class contents transport network with GMPLS-based Optical Slot Switching system which consists of 10ns switching PLZT optical switch and Ethernet/Optical Slot protocol converter as edge router.



6月12,13日 PN研究会 @\千歳科学技術大学(北海道)
○西田 昌弘・清水 翔・石井 大介・荒川 豊・岡本 聡・山中 直明(慶大)



タイトル: “Fast Fault Recovery Method With Pre-established Recovery Table For Wide Area Ethernet”
著者: Midori Terasawa, Masahiro Nishida, Sho Shimizu, Yutaka Arakawa, Satoru Okamoto and Naoaki Yamanaka
要旨: We propose a fault recovery method, in which nodes can send frames without waiting for path switching to be completed. In this method frame loss can be decreased to 20 % or less.We implemented a VLAN swapping function on Linux based PC and controlled the function by using GMPLS. In the experimental network, we used VLAN tag swapping switches that implemented by Linux PC. Multiple paths can be established by VLAN tag based switching that includes VLAN tag swapping.

岡本先生のEthernet in-band GMPLS 通信チャネルプロトタイプシステムに関する論文が国際会議ECOC2008に採択されました。

岡本先生のEthernet in-band GMPLS 通信チャネルプロトタイプシステムに関する論文が国際会議ECOC2008に採択されました。

タイトル: “Experiment of the In-band Message Communication Channel for GMPLS Controlled Ethernet”
著者: Satoru Okamoto, Sho Shimizu, Yutaka Arakawa, Naoaki Yamanaka
要旨: In-band Message Communication Channel, which can transport IP packets, for GMPLS protocols is implemented. The prototype system with Mac-in-Mac Ethernet transport mechanism and GMPLS Ethernet control is successfully demonstrated.


岡本先生のASONとGMPLSのインターワーキングに関する論文がIEEE Communications Magazineに掲載されました。

岡本先生のASONとGMPLSのインターワーキングに関する論文がIEEE Communications Magazine 2008年6月号に掲載されました。

タイトル: “Multi-ASON and GMPLS Network Domain Interworking Challenges”
著者: Satoru Okamoto (Keio University), Hideki Otsuki (NICT), Tomohiro Otani (KDDI R&D Labs.)
要旨: This article describes the intercarrier external network-to-network interface development challenges at the Kei-han-na Info-Communications Open Laboratory. The E-NNI prototype that was developed provides interworking functionality between the automatically switched optical network control plane function of the IITU-T and the generalized multiprotocol label-switching control plane function of the IETF. In this article, an analysis of the differences between ASON network technologies and GMPLS network technologies, a detailed signaling protocol and routing protocol interworking mechanism, and the interworking experimental results of nationwide ASON and GMPLS network domains are described.