M2の山田君のGMPLS協調型インテリジェントクラウドネットワークに関する論文が国際会議 iPOP2010に採録されました



Title: GMPLS aware intelligent cloud network
Authors: Shota Yamada, Jumpei Marukawa, Daisuke Ishii, Satoru Okamoto, and Naoaki Yamanaka

Abstract: With the appearance of the cloud network, high speed data communication among data centers is necessary. However, because the data is transmitted through the Internet, network bandwidth is not enough. To construct large bandwidth WAN at low cost, we propose an Intelligent Cloud Network. Fig.1 shows basic concept of the Intelligent Cloud Network. In the Intelligent Cloud Network, data delivered with parallel transmission and lower cost private lines that are lower bandwidth are applied as multiple routes. In this paper, we propose parallel transmission system. In this system, parallel routes are set up with GMPLS. Under the GMPLS environment, OSPF is used on the control plane. Every node in proposal environment can realize the network topology in order to advertise and exchange the route information to each other. In the proposed system, OSPF is used to discover the multi-path between two TCP over SCTP adaption gateways and RSVP plays a role to establish parallel routes between two gateways. The proposed system is implemented on the software switch, as shown in Figure2, and end-to-end throughput is evaluated.