Welcome to Yamanaka Laboratory in Keio University.
Yamanaka Lab. started in April, 2004. We have focused on “Photonic Networks” and “Communication Protocols” and studied the fundamental technologies of the next generation optical backbone network. Internet traffic has been increasing over the last few years with the speeding up of the access network and the emergence of P2P applications. In addition, it is expected that the multimedia contents such as HDTV, high-quality movies are distributed to the home through the Internet. We are trying to establish the high-speed, high-capacity and high-reliability backbone network.
Our laboratory is characterized by cooperations among industry, government, and academia as well as international joint researches. JUNO Project, an NSF-based joint research with 2 American universities is a typical example. In addition, we helped to start the KIF, Keio Innovation Foundry, and to found the Smart Network Research Center as an innovative base for industry-government-academia cooperations. Furthermore, Prof. Yamanaka works as a leader for the Global Smart Society Creation Project Research, a project in the “creativity” cluster of the Super Global University Project. Yamanaka Lab. values not only theories but also empirical proofs and academic activities.

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