Mr. Isaji’s Paper is accepted in a journal of IEICE.

Mr. Isaji’s paper is accepted in a journal of IEICE.
The detail of the paper is below.

Title: Optical Ad Hoc Networking for Optical Metro/Access Integrated Network

Authors: Yosihiro Isaji, Takehiro Sato, Satoru Okamoto, Naoaki Yamanaka, and Eiji Oki

Sbstract:The Elastic Lambda Aggregation Network, in the case of network failures due to disasters, restores the connectivity by reconfiguring access paths so that Optical Network Units (ONUs) can connect to undamaged Optical Line Terminals (OLTs). However, in the case of large-scale disasters, it becomes impossible to establish access paths due to the distance limitation between an OLT and an ONU. In this paper, the optical ad hoc network and the equation for calculating the restoration capability are proposed. The proposed method achieves ONU connectivity rate higher than 35.7 percent even in the large-scale earthquake like the Great East Japan Earthquake.