Profs. Okamoto and Yamanaka’s Paper about GMPLS Inter-Carrier Interface Development Project in Japan Was Accepted for an Oral Presentation at iPOP2007

Profs. Okamoto and Yamanaka’s paper about GMPLS Inter-carrier interface developement project in Japan was accepted for an oral presentation at iPOP2007.

Title: “Inter-carrier photonic networking developing project in Japan”

Authors: Satoru Okamoto (Keio University), Eiji Oki (NTT), Wataru Imajuku (NTT), Tomohiro Otani (KDDI R&D Labs.), Naoaki Yamanaka (Keio University)

Abstract: Keio University, NTT Laboratories, and KDDI R&D Laboratories promote developing inter-carrier photonic networking technologies. This consortium is a subset of the Kei-han-na Info-Communication Open Laboratory Interoperability Working Group. The technical target of this consortium is to promote the rapid development of IP+Optical networking technologies under multi-carrier circumstances. IP+Optical networking is key to develop a new IP backbone network.
In this paper, we will present a framework of the consortium and results. The contents will be described e.g.:

  • Multi-carrier IP+Optical network architecture
  • Hierarchical inter-carrier interface architecture
  • Interworking of PXC based Lambda Switch Capable; LSC network domains