M1 Yamamoto Will be Introduced as One of the Successful Smart Phone Application Developers.

Japanese TV program “Sukkiri!!” will feature the current situation of smart phone application market. It is said that success companies to develop smart phone application spring up. Mr. Yamamoto will be introduced as one of success persons in smart phone application market.

Mr. Yamamoto developed iPhone application “puri camera” between school works. “puri camera” is an application for decorating pictures. This applicaion went on sale at AppStore on 7th November, 2009, and more than 15,000 units were downloaded by 15th May, 2010.

iPhone applicaiton market is very competitive because more than 100,000 application are sold at AppStore, and currently more than 10,000 applications are developed in a month. In this competitive market, it is a very rare case that a student develop an iPhone application and succeed. So, Mr. Yamamoto was picked up in this feature on the program.

(Broadcast Schedule)
8:00 am – 8:30 am, 1st June, 2010
NTV(Nihon TV)’s program “Sukkiri!!”
This feature is about 15 min.