The Fourth-Year Undergraduate Students Presented Their Bachelor Theses

On January 31, the fourth faculty grader announced the graduation publication of the article.
The speaker and the title are shown as follows.

Shimpei Koda: “The Proposal of Job Scheduling Algorithm Based on Priority and Job End Time in Optical Grid Networks”

Ryota Usui: “The Distributed Data Access Schemes in λ Grid Network”

Taku Kihara: “Link Disjoint Path Searching Algorithm based on Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor DAPDNA-2 And Implimentation on OSPF Router”

Masahiro Nishida: “Fast unreserved resource information advertising method in MPLS-TE”

Mikio Kaneko: “Overlay reconfiguration scheme for P2P based HD-CDN(High-Definition Contents Delivery Network)”

Fumiko Uehara: “SubFrame-based slot reservation scheme for minimizing transmission delay in Optical Slot Switching”

That album is here.