Optical Slot Switching

In terms of the optical device technology, it is difficult to implement all optical network system. In the case of a conventional optical switch, its long switching time decrease link utilization efficiency. But, recently ultra-high speed switching sub-systems using PLZT waveguide devices is developed by nozomi photonics Corporation. The switching speed is less than 3 ns and reduces Death-period of band use. Furthermore, high-speed switching enables to solve various problems about all optical network. We’re working on efficient protocols using a PLZT thin film waveguide switch.

Research Introduction

In this research, we propose Optical Slot Switching (OSS) Architecture based on dynamic path setup using ultra-high speed PLZT optical switch. In our proposed scheme, all node divide time into slots with same timing. Using ultra-high speed optical switch reduce guard time needed for synchronous of all node in a network. In our scheme, a source node which has a connection request sends the PATH signal to destination node to reserve wavelength in the next slot by two-way reservation scheme. And, latency of signaling and node processing time is negligible because a node can establish the path in previous slot without considering the current condition of the wavelength. Computer simulation results show that our proposed scheme can improve the link utilization efficiency compared with conventional method.