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Paper of Miyagi Was Accepted for Publication by IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology

Paper of Miyagi was accepted for publication by IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology.
IEEE, which has the headquarters in the United States, is an organization of electricity and electronic engineers (nonprofit organization).

Hiroyuki Miyagi, Masahiro Hayashitani, Daisuke Ishi, Yutaka Arakawa, and Naoaki Yamanaka, “Advanced Wavelength Reservation Method based on Deadline-Aware Scheduling for Lambda Grid Networks”

Ms. Uehara’s Paper and Mr.Tsuji’s Paper Were Accepted for Oral Presentations at OECC/IOOC2007

Ms. Uehara’s paper and Mr.Tsuji’s paper were accepted for oral presentations at OECC/IOOC2007.

Title: “Prefetching Protocol Proxy with Optimal Mirror Selection and Burst Transmission”

Authors: Tomohiro Tsuji, Junichiro Honma, Sho Shimizu, Yutaka Arakawa, and Naoaki Yamanaka

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new accelerated download mechanism for huge data such as rich contents that can reduce the download time by about seventypercent as compared with the conventional manual operation.

Session Title: Optical Network Design
Session Time: 11:00-12:30
Room: A
Program No.: 13A2-5
Presentation Day: Fri., July 13
Presentation Time: 12:00-12:15

Title: “SubFrame-Based Slot Reservation Scheme for Minimizing Transmission Delay in Optical Slot Switching Network”

Authors: Fumiko Uehara, Teruo Kasahara, Masahiro Hayashitani, Daisuke Ishii, Yutaka Arakawa, Satoru Okamoto, and Naoaki Yamanaka

Abstract: We propose SubFrame-based slot reservation scheme for minimizing the transmission delay in optical slot switching (OSS) network. The computer simulation shows that our proposed scheme can reduce the transmission delay about 25% by using SubFrames.

Session Title: Optical Packet Switching
Session Time: 14:00-15:30
Room: A
Program No.: 13A3-4
Presentation Day: Fri., July 13
Presentation Time: 14:45-15:00

Profs. Okamoto and Yamanaka’s Paper about GMPLS Inter-Carrier Interface Development Project in Japan Was Accepted for an Oral Presentation at iPOP2007

Profs. Okamoto and Yamanaka’s paper about GMPLS Inter-carrier interface developement project in Japan was accepted for an oral presentation at iPOP2007.

Title: “Inter-carrier photonic networking developing project in Japan”

Authors: Satoru Okamoto (Keio University), Eiji Oki (NTT), Wataru Imajuku (NTT), Tomohiro Otani (KDDI R&D Labs.), Naoaki Yamanaka (Keio University)

Abstract: Keio University, NTT Laboratories, and KDDI R&D Laboratories promote developing inter-carrier photonic networking technologies. This consortium is a subset of the Kei-han-na Info-Communication Open Laboratory Interoperability Working Group. The technical target of this consortium is to promote the rapid development of IP+Optical networking technologies under multi-carrier circumstances. IP+Optical networking is key to develop a new IP backbone network.
In this paper, we will present a framework of the consortium and results. The contents will be described e.g.:

  • Multi-carrier IP+Optical network architecture
  • Hierarchical inter-carrier interface architecture
  • Interworking of PXC based Lambda Switch Capable; LSC network domains

Dr. Okamoto and Prof. Yamanaka’s Paper Was Accepted for IEICE Transactions on Communications “Special Section on Feature Topics on Latest Trends in Optical Networks”

Dr. Okamoto and Prof. Yamanaka’s paper was accepted for IEICE Transactions on Communications “Special Section on Feature Topics on Latest Trends in Optical Networks”.

Title: “GMPLS interoperability tests in Kei-han-na Info-Communication Open Laboratory on JGN II network”

Authors: Satoru Okamoto (Keio University), Wataru Imajuku (NTT), Tomohiro Otani (KDDI R&D Labs.), Itaru Nishioka (NEC), Akira Nagata (Fujitsu Labs), Mikako Nanba (Furukawa Electric), Hideki Otsuki (NICT), Masatoshi Suzuki (KDDI R&D Labs.), and Naoaki Yamanaka (Keio University)

Abstract: Generalized Multi-protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) technologies are expected a key technology that creates high-performance Internet backbone networks. There were many GMPLS interoperability trials. However, most of them reported the successful results only. How to set up a trial network and how to test it was generally not discussed. In this paper, as a kind of tutorial, detailed GMPLS field trials in the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Kei-han-na Info-Communication Open Laboratory, Interoperability Working Group (WG) are reported. The interoperability WG is aiming at the leading edge GMPLS protocol based Inter-Carrier Interface that utilizes wide-bandwidth, cost-effective photonic technology to implement IP-centric managed networks. The interoperability WG is a consortium for researching the GMPLS protocol and advancing a de facto standard in this area. Its experimental results, new ideas, and protocols are submitted to standardization bodies such as the International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunication standardization sector (ITU-T), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF). This paper introduces the activities of the interoperability WG; they include a nationwide GMPLS field trial using the JGN II network with multi-vendor, multi-switching-capable equipment and a GMPLS multi routing area trial that used a multi-vendor lambda-switching-capable network.

Dr. Okamoto’s Paper Was Accepted for IEICE Transactions on Communications “Special Section on Feature Topics on Latest Trends in Optical Networks”

Dr. Okamoto’s paper was accepted for IEICE Transactions on Communications “Special Section on Feature Topics on Latest Trends in Optical Networks.”

Title: “Optical Networks Functional Evolution and Control Technologies”

Authors: Peter Szegedi (Magyar Telekom), Tomasz Gajewski (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center), Wataru Imajuku (NTT),
and Satoru Okamoto (Keio University)

Abstract: In this paper the current trends in the optical networking including the physical components, technologies and control architectures are discussed. The possible interaction schemes and implementation models of the automatic communication between applications and network as well as between ASON/GMPLS based network domains are proposed. Finally, the related research activities based on simulation results of control plane dimensioning are illustrated and real test bed experiments on OIF worldwide interoperability demonstration and the ongoing European IST project MUPBED are disseminated.

Mr. Kasahara’s Paper Was Accepted for an Oral Presentation at HPSR2007

Mr. Kasahara’s paper was accepted for an oral presentation at HPSR2007.

Title: “Design and Implementation of GMPLS-Based Optical Slot Switching Network with PLZT High-Speed Optical Switch”

Authors: Teruo Kasaahra, Masahiro Hayashitani, Yutaka Arakawa, Satoru Okamoto and Naoaki Yamanaka

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new optical network architecture, called Optical Slot Switching(OSS), suitable for large data transmission where we use PLZT optical switch controlled by GMPLS(Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching). PLZT ultra-high speed optical switch can improve the bandwidth efficiency by reducing the guard time between data compared with the conventional optical switch. In OSS network, user dynamically establishes the path and can transport a large size data efficiently by using reserved slots in a moment. Through the experimental results, we show that our proposed OSS is suitable for large data transmission.

Start date/time: Thursday, May 31, 2007
End date/time: Friday, June 1, 2007

The Fourth-Year Undergraduate Students Presented Their Bachelor Theses

On January 31, the fourth faculty grader announced the graduation publication of the article.
The speaker and the title are shown as follows.

Shimpei Koda: “The Proposal of Job Scheduling Algorithm Based on Priority and Job End Time in Optical Grid Networks”

Ryota Usui: “The Distributed Data Access Schemes in λ Grid Network”

Taku Kihara: “Link Disjoint Path Searching Algorithm based on Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor DAPDNA-2 And Implimentation on OSPF Router”

Masahiro Nishida: “Fast unreserved resource information advertising method in MPLS-TE”

Mikio Kaneko: “Overlay reconfiguration scheme for P2P based HD-CDN(High-Definition Contents Delivery Network)”

Fumiko Uehara: “SubFrame-based slot reservation scheme for minimizing transmission delay in Optical Slot Switching”

That album is here.

The Second-Year Masters Announced the Master’s Theses

December 18, the second master grader announced the master’s thesis.
The speakers and the titles are as follows.

Masahiro Hayashitani: “GMPLS-based Optical Slot Switching Access-distribution Network with 10ns High-speed PLZT Optical Switch”

Junichiro Honma: “A novel contents delivery network system for efficiently resolving long-tailed user requests”

Sho Shimizu: “A parallel shortest path algorithm on reconfigurable processors and its implementation”

The album is here.