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Mr. Isaji’s Paper is accepted in a journal of IEICE.

Mr. Isaji’s paper is accepted in a journal of IEICE.
The detail of the paper is below.

Title: Optical Ad Hoc Networking for Optical Metro/Access Integrated Network

Authors: Yosihiro Isaji, Takehiro Sato, Satoru Okamoto, Naoaki Yamanaka, and Eiji Oki

Sbstract:The Elastic Lambda Aggregation Network, in the case of network failures due to disasters, restores the connectivity by reconfiguring access paths so that Optical Network Units (ONUs) can connect to undamaged Optical Line Terminals (OLTs). However, in the case of large-scale disasters, it becomes impossible to establish access paths due to the distance limitation between an OLT and an ONU. In this paper, the optical ad hoc network and the equation for calculating the restoration capability are proposed. The proposed method achieves ONU connectivity rate higher than 35.7 percent even in the large-scale earthquake like the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Prof. Yamanaka received the IEICE Achievement Award

Prof. Yamanaka received the IEICE Achievement Award.

The IEICE Achievement Award is given to those who have made significant contributions to the field of electronic engineering and/or information and communications through:
1. new inventions, theories, experiments, or methods
2. development, improvement, or international standardization of new devices or systems.

Prof. Yamanaka was acknowledged for his leading-edge research on high-speed packet network technologies.

Mr. Miyazaki’s paper was accepted in ONDM 2015

Mr. Miyazaki’s paper regarding energy-efficient future networks was accepted in the 19th edition of the Optical Networks Design and Modelling Conference (ONDM 2015).
The details of the paper are as follows:

Title: High Speed 100GE Adaptive Link Rate Switching for Energy Consumption Reduction
Authors: Takahiro Miyazaki, Ion Popescu, Mirai Chino, Xiaoyu Wang, Kunitaka Ashizawa, Satoru Okamoto, Malathi Veeraraghavan, Naoaki Yamanaka

Mr.Zhang’s paper is published in the International Journal of Computer and Information Science (IJCIS).

Mr.Zhang’s paper is published in the International Journal of Computer and Information Science (IJCIS).
The detail of paper is below.

Title: Energy Efficient and Enhanced-type Data-centric Network Architecture
Authors: Shanming Zhanga, Hidetoshi Takeshita, Satoru Okamoto, Naoaki Yamanaka
Abstract: Information-centric networking (ICN) as an alternative has been researched for future Internet architecture. In this paper, a novel network architecture called Energy Efficient and Enhanced-type Data-centric Network (E3-DCN) is proposed for ICN. E3-DCN not only realizes ICN but also has the ability of data generation by organizing and combining relevant resource such as original data and kinds of processing services. In addition, in order to improve energy efficiency of data transmission, E3-DCN chooses optimal transmission path to transmit data based on packet switching and optical switching. Moreover, based on current traffic situation, E3-DCN reconfigures network topology such as unused nodes and links to operate in sleep mode for energy saving dynamically. And meanwhile, data caching strategies are applied into E3-DCN for data distribution based on the distribution of users. Data caching shortens transmission distance, so data transmission energy, latency and network load is decreased. Based on these approaches, E3-DCN achieves an energy efficient network.

Press Release:Successful interoperability among 100Gbit-class core, metro and access optical networks with Software Defined Transport Network technology

KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc. (“KDDI R&D Labs.,” President & CEO: Yasuyuki Nakajima), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (“Mitsubishi Electric,” President & CEO: Masaki Sakuyama), National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (”NICT,” President: Dr. Masao Sakauchi), Keio University (“Keio Univ.,” President, Professor: Atsushi Seike), Ixia Communications K.K. (“Ixia,” County General Manager: Kenji Murakami) and TOYO Corporation (“TOYO,” President and CEO: Masaru Gomi) have successfully built interoperable 100Gbit/s-class core, metro or access optical networks using SDN (Software defined networking)*1 technology. The technology tested this time is expected to be applied to the technology realizing a wide-area cloud network that connects data centers and handles large-volume of data.

This open interoperability demonstration was conducted at the 10th International Conference on IP + Optical Network (iPOP2014) held in Musashino-city, Tokyo between May 22 and 23.201406keio_press_release_eng.pdf